Friday, 29 June 2012

Monday, 25 June 2012


Wild boys taking the Piss in Naples.....



Thursday, 21 June 2012

Echo Base June 2012....

Echo Base

Echo Base June 2012

Mr Brown
Beastie Boys - Sureshot
Gangrene - Odditorium
Show & AG - Show and A
Quakers - I like to dance ft. Krondon & General Steele
Big Cakes - My Soul
Lewis Parker - Walking on a Razor pt2 ft. Sadat X & Shabaam Sahdeeq
Pings - Fly Away
EL-P - Oh Hail No
House Shoes - Time ft. Big Tone
Dj Soko - Biters ft. Guilty Simpson & Gensu Dean
Apollo Brown & OC - Just Walk
Roddy Rod - Troubles Lurking Low ft. Cy Young & Kev Brown (Fred Fades Remix)
Clear Soul Forces - Stack Yo Paypuh
Quakers - The Turk ft. King Magnetic

Simiah Interview

Simiah - You Can't be
Simiah - No Questions
Simiah - Lost Dreams
Simiah - Boxing Rounds

DJ Ivan6 Mix

DJ IVAN6 - intro
Dexter - Spaceways
Dert - Pink Floyd flip .1
Natural Cure - Aggressive Ass Piano Play
Kista - Talk With God ft. Tableek
MF Doom - Favourite Ladies (fLako remix)
Axel Foley - Marvwon, Danny Brown & Chips
Suff Daddy - Elephant
The Kingsmen - Louie Louie
Dert - Pink Floyd flip . 2
S.Raw - Saturday
Suff Daddy - Supersilverhaze
Natural Elements - Life Ain't Fair
Talib Kweli - Get By
Natural Cure - Yesterdays Dreams
Jaisu - Scarlet
Some jazz record I found in a Hastings charity shop
Handbook - Somebody (It Ain't Rainin')
Pete Rock UN accapella
ManonWire - Accordion ReWork
Marc Hannibal - Forever Is a Long, Long Time
Royce 59 - Boom
Roku - Not Here
Dibiase - They Don't Move Me
Suff Daddy - Konnopke
Apollo Brown - Shivers Down My Spine
Action Bronson - Pouches Of Tuna ft. Roc Marciano
Y Society - Peace & I'm Out The Door

DJ Pings

People Under the Stairs - Sonic Elders
J Rocc - Chasing the Sun
The Purist - Change Ft Roc Marciano 
Mayhem Lauren - Got the Fever 
Kev Brown - The Random Joint 
Kev Brown - Keep On (Instrumental) 
David Axelrod - Holy Thursday 
Deda - Nasty Scene
Marley Marl - We Write the Songs ft. Biz Markie and Heavy D
OC - Word Life
OC (Damu Remix)
Organised Konfusion - Invetro 
Grand Agent - Know the Legend
Foreign Legion - You'll Never Be Number 1 
Madlib - Wake up (Instrumental) 
Kazi - Average
Bumpy Knuckles - We are at War 

Sunday, 17 June 2012


I know this book has been around for a while but I've only just got my hands on a copy for a decent price.
I'm not a book critic or an expert on writers from around the I'm not gonna comment on who should or shouldn't be in the book, i'll let the internet bitches and toys do that!
In a  nutshell, its a big chunky book full of really good photos of writers bombing, posing and chilling mixed in with stories and opinions on the scene.

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Voice Of The Ghetto R.I.P

Another one of our pioneers gone but never forgotten...............Stay High 149 Rest In Peace.....