Tuesday, 1 March 2011


What was your earliest memory of graffiti as a kid?

The first time I ever saw graffiti painted onto walls was in the early 80’s, things like NF and Skins painted with a paint brush and white paint. The first real bit of graffiti I saw was by Futura at Aklam passage , this was around 84 in the old skate park hall of fame.

When did you first get involved in graffiti?

After Brim came to London with the Tats crew and Bio. They painted the backdrop for the Zulu nation, cookie crew and Jazzy J night. This was a big influence for me at the start.
My first ever piece I painted was in car paint and it said break. I painted it in broad daylight on a bridge in East Acton, this was in 85/86.
I was writing Skizski, this was my first tag and then I wrote crazy Picasso & co…hahaha it took ages to write this so I gave that name up. I used to write with my mate John Paul and Edward who wrote sned. Sned was down with the London Giants as he had met Artful Dodger by the Weetabix piece in Hammersmith with Plaz and Crash 5. They took him under their wings and schooled him.

Who were early influences for you at the time?

Through the connections of the London Giants I hooked up with Anime from Southall and Ren and Enri who were the vinyl junkies. All these lot where from Hayes, Hillingdon and Pinner sides. Every Sunday around 87/88 at the Beck Theatre in Hayes they would let people piece. I met Skie, Nice 1 and Kast down there.
I used to watch them paint and then one Sunday they let me fill in.

What paint and pens did you use back in the early years?

For paint it was always homestyles, red oxide and plasticote flat black, that shit stained the best.
Pens, it was edding 850, pentels and flowmasters. When Bus ITC came back from New York with Uni wides they were really good for smashing insides.

 What was the fashion like back then?

 I was a bit of a pikey..hahaha, I used to wear baggy jeans, suede jackets and a floppy cap.
The late 80’s we used to go to the Mud club with Drax and a few others. People were wearing all sorts of mad weird stuff in there.
 In the early 90’s it was Naf-Naf, Chipie, C17 jeans, and later on people smartened up and I suppose grew up and where wearing Armani and other expensive labels.

When did you hook up with PFB?

I was in SBS with Shun, Lone, Rozer, Diet etc and we hooked up with Robbo, Drax, Skip and a few others from PFB.  PFB was really a collaboration of SBS, WRH and the WD boys.
Drax had organised a meet and the crews merged. There must have been a good 15-20 of us putting it up in the 90’s and we smashed it...I reckon we have been one of the biggest crews in history.

What was your memories of the infamous train jams?

There was a few jams and I suppose it turned into a battle between BNB and PFB for insides..
BNB was Eine, Able, Dref and a few others and we all just went for it smashing the insides. The last jam we all got raided at South Kensington as the Circle line pulled in, BTP’s were waiting for us on the platform. There was about 40 of us on the train running through the carriages and  I think only 6 of us got shift. I remember we all tried to blend in with the public sitting down and reading papers.

And lastly...what one night sticks out from the rest?

Me, Rate and Ebbs on an all nighter in Acton…we smashed the place to pieces with plasticote flat black and then walked back down the centrals bombing!!

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