Sunday, 8 May 2011


This week we caught up with old timer fued to drop some knowledge…

Early 1986 was the first time I had been into parsons on the 2 side, I used to get in through the dairy where the drivers would enter the yard. This place was only was normally only done on xmas day around this time. I would go in there on an early still in my school uniform and bomb the trains.

My Dad was a bus driver on the 14 which used to run from Roehampston to South Ken.
I used to get the 30 which ran from outside my mums house to outside G on the Cromwell road.
I got hold of a set of my Dad's keys that was full of a keys to various doors and depots. One of the keys stood out from the others, it was a big square one. I tried a few of the keys to the door off the Cromwell road but the big square one was the one.
The square key took half a turn and you where in. I remember running in and hearing the door slamming and not looking back. Down the steps and turn right and there are 2 met’s sitting in front of you, as a kid bunking off school in G on my own ,my heart was thumping, I couldn’t wait to get back and tell my mates.
There was not a single tag in the place, I stood there looking up at the ledge and clock, this was the American way in….
I used to go down there in the daytime bombing off peak between 9.30 and 3.30, they used to lay trains up over lunch then take them back out for the rush hour.
The place was filled with dust and the trains would rise out the ground as you painted the ones layed up.

I wanted to show Fuel, Cop, Rev and Macks the way in but without leaving my tag behind for people to see so I marked some acid smiley faces onto the walls.
Finding this place was really about uniting us all.

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