Wednesday, 14 September 2011


I was only 12 when jungle and hardcore music came onto the scene around 1992. Most of the kids at school were listening to NWA, Happy Mondays or De La Soul and then I bought in a tape which blew everyone side Grooverider the other side Dougal from Dreamscape. Jungle and hardcore was the latest sound out and had so much raw energy teenagers latched onto it.
At School tapes would get passed around and recorded over and over again reducing the quality and sound every time.
Saturdays were spent doing the rounds to record shops to collect flyers. Blackmarket, Unity and other shops around town would be packed out full of teenagers nodding their heads to the latest white label.
The clothes labels I remember that were big around at this time were Naf Naf puffers, Chipie, Ton Sur Ton,  teamed up with Troop or British Knight trainers...Nike air max 1's were just creeping in around 90/91.
My bedroom wall was full of Deamscape, Helter skelter and Fantazia flyers. I always wished I was older so I could go to the raves with my older brother and his I know why their eyes were like saucers when they came back the next morning.
Looking back now it was the music of this era that got me into writing. While my older brothers room was packed out full of his mates most nights after school i'd be in the middle of a haze of hash smoke copying the album covers and flyers instead of doing my homework...GOODTIMES!!


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