Sunday, 4 December 2011


It was the summer of 1996..i'd just finished school and one of my mates had worked out how to make fake i-d on his computer.
16 years old and full of energy, a load of us got tickets to go to see Oasis, Prodigy, Chemical Brothers and Ocean colour scene at Knebworth. We had been going to Camden Palace every Friday night leading upto the Knebworth concert. The night at camden was called Big, Fat and juicy and was a hardcore, jungle, drum and bass night which was jam packed full of scar faced wrong un's from all over town.
The week of the Oasis concert me and my cousin decided we didn't have enough money to go to Camden so we stayed around a mates house and wait for the others to get back, with the intention to 'take it easy'
We had got a load of blues for the Knebworth day which was on the sat, but for some reason thought we could have a cheeky half while waiting for the others to get back from Camden. Before we knew it I was persuading my cousin who didn't write to come and paint a trackside with me on the big met...easier said than done when you are rushing your tits off. The ideas you have when you are off your nut!!
Off we go..I know the spot..I didn't pin up as I was clueless, and just finished a letter at a time...I got the first 2 letters done and all was going good until I realised we was on a slope and I couldn't finish the final 2 letters off as it was too high to reach up. I climbed onto my cousins shoulders and tryed to finish off the dub..easier said than done. The final 2 letters looked like bags of shit as far as I can remember.
We got back to my mates house and continued to finish off the blues before the others got back much for taking it easy.
With no sleep we got on the met the next morning and headed towards Euston to then catch the train upto Knebworth. I remember being sick as the train pulled into Preston Road with all my mates laughing at me.
We got to Knebworth and I remember collapsing under a tree and falling asleep. I missed Ocean colour scene and half of the Chemical brothers as I was asleep but woke up and after 2 quick pints got to see Oasis and The Prodigy who smashed the place apart. Me and my cousin still laugh about that night and about how much of a mess we must of looked...GOOD TIMES!!


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