Monday, 23 July 2012


This place is nuts!! Every corner you turn there was something happening. There was loads of good music tents and the rave in the woods was funny. The security looked more pickled than half the people wondering about in their little k holes. 
There was loads of good independent food stalls selling proper home made grub (maybe they should of thought of that for the Olympics instead of a Mcdonalds the size of town.) 
The music was good from what I remember..I especially enjoyed the drop area when the dj banged out a load of old garage. I've bunked into loads of festivals over the years which sometimes means climbing high fences or running from 10 fat security guards and into the crowds....this one was a walk in the park. 
This festival pissed all over any others for loads of reasons, security was chilled, the music, booze and food was good, you could take your own beers into the main areas and the people in there were all up for getting nutted and having a knees up. Can't wait for next year!!!!

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