Saturday, 9 February 2013


When is was 18, 19 and 20 odd I worked outside bars and nightclubs in Greece and Spain, yeah I was that bloke that tryed to get you into my bar.... 90 degrees every day and enough crumpet to sink a dingee!!!
I suppose I should of gone to somewhere trendy and middle class like Thailand or somewhere nice...but I was 18, skint and full of bullshit.
The Greek islands are nuts, my boss was a nice bloke but seriously mental and violent. I forget how many times I saw mobs of English blokes get weighed in outside my bar after getting lairy. The Greeks are not locals to mess with, they stick together and if you piss them off they with gas, bat or stamp on you.
You get to know holiday makers and have a beer with them and the next thing your seeing them get battered......between a rock and a hard place.
Anyway, back to the shots....
My boss used to get us into work early to get us pissed  before we got onto the street.
One night I walked into the back office and noticed what looked like a science laboratory.  Pumps, tubes, filters and all sorts of nonsense going on. I asked what it was and the bar man said all night we collect glasses of half empty and left over drinks, and then put them in a bucket of full of ice ready for the next night shots???? So if your going on holiday this summer have a think before you get offered 5 shots with your first drink??


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