Friday, 24 May 2013


People often think of names like Seen,Zephur,Lee and Wild Style when it comes to graffiti and its origins but they would be way off.
Thinking that Henry Chalfonts Subway Art is the be all and end all in graff is as nieve as thinking everyone from London eats jellied eels every day with Mary Poppins.
Of course there have been thousands of writers that scrawled on the trains and walls of New York,but not all names and stories have been well documented if documented at all.

FUZZ started his painting back in 1970 in the Bronx,way before the explosion of hiphop culture had captured the whole world. As a child he rode the lines of a city that was to pave
his carreer as one of the most underatted kings of all time.He understood the laws of the land and witnessed the darker side of humanity on his many missions.
With a reptoir of dozens of aliases he went all city with all of them,whole cars,dubs,tags,throw ups,pieces,you name it FUZZ has done it,an amazing task if you consider the
geography envolved in such a task!

He has written 2 books that he has told his story in.
The first is called "A Bronx childhood" and tells of his transaction from kid watching to kid doing,meeting kings and eventually becoming one himself.He tells stories of
racking missions,painting missions,,chase stories,drinking missions,money making schemes, friends lost and enemies gained.
He talks passionately about a life that was unparalleled to any times since- when the Bronx was going through changes,with gangs at large and most of the city in ruins.
"A Bronx childhood" is one of if not the best graff book that we have ever read.

The second is called "last of the old school".
This book is more intence with no pictures, just written in FUZZ's familiar matter of fact way.
In this book he tells many stories that will capture your imagination and make you appreciate the fact that you live in safer times.
Living where he did and in a time that he did is amazing that he is still alive.
The unlucky ones were stomped out,lost their minds to drugs,lost their lives to the police or rival gangs. but no matter what was thrown at him,FUZZ always managed to
re ajust the balance and get away.

Both of these books are a must have to heads that are serious about the art and to those that are willing to learn.Trust me,youll finish reading and go straight for the pens andpaint, roll a joint,grab a beer and hit the road.......just keep your eyes open!

Big respect to FUZZ ONE. F.A.L. a true pioneer,a kid that was fearless in a world of darkness with a love for all thigs graffiti.

you can get the books  direct from fuzz at his web site..


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