Tuesday, 27 August 2013

CARNIVAL 2013...

I decided that you can't do carnival properly in one day...so I went both days.
I tried to get to most sound systems but the old bill have now put in place this new one way system and are now blocking a lot of the big sound systems off by 2pm to stop overcrowding.
The bloke in the picture below who is passed out on the road was so off his pickle on bumbles he left his I Phone 5 on his stomach...lucky for him i'm not a cunt so I woke him up and told him he'd better put in his pocket or someone else will.
Top tunes all weekend with nearly everyone in a proper party mood....shouts out to Norman Jay and the good times bus, KCC sound system, Sancho Panza and the People's sound Reggae shop.
You can't say you have been to carnival unless you have drunk warm red stripes, eaten over priced jerk chicken and smoked a fat zoot while trying to dance like your 18 again....
Roll on next year!!!

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