Friday, 27 September 2013

Boom Bap Festival 2013.....

The second boom bap fest was another great weekend, hardly no rain and not rammed with  meant you could get about easily and do what you had to do, quality music banged from 10 am till the wee hours and the quality never slipped once, highlight where, klashnekoff ( still kills it without even trying), The Eat Good Crew, Triple Darkness, The Boom Bap Professionals, Split Prophets, TPS, The High Focus lot, Dabbla who killed it on both stages with London Zoo, The dead Players and problem child showed how a true MC does it, nice to see Dubbledge back on it as well cos he is one of UK's finest, Parky, Jazz & Jyager always bring the energy, Genesis Elijah & Theme killed it, Simiah & Fingerfood smashed it on the MPC/Tables when they took on the heavey links mobb, UK dons Mikey Don & Disorda smashed the vintage rare reggae out when evryone was fully waved, then the purist & 184 brought the energy with their grime/rap takeover, make sure you check their new york state of grime album!!, we missed Chester headlining on the sunday night but obviously he smashed it alongside nephew Remus who needs no introduction............ Nice to go to an event which isnt sponsored/endorsed by a fizzy drink for once, this is an independant no frills weekend put on by heads that are into our culture, the guys that organize it are the one's picking up the rubbish on the sunday morning, roll on next year and shouts to everyone that made it happen.......... all pics nicked from anis ali who is a dope photographer you can check out his site here Boom bap festival we salute!

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