Monday, 20 June 2011


Here at Strictly London Bound we like to switch things up from time to time. For alot of writers music is a big part of their lives, so we hooked up with Bush baby Mr Met and asked him to drop some street knowledge!!!!

What was your first memory of music as a kid?
 My mother making me sing with a load of jahovas the kingdom hall...she was a god nut..apart from that The Specials, Madness,  Bad Manners, Sham 69 and I was into 2 tone.

What music was you into as a teenager and what fashion went with it?
 Hiphop...Beastie Boys stealing vw signs of camper vans..even got into abit of acid house for a week...always been hiphop still love it today..all that uk grime blah blah blah..ya get me shankafoot..

What was the first tune you ever bought, tape, vinyl etc and where from?
 The electro the hiphop. compilation records.with the graff on the front..somthing along them lines...fresh outta hammersmith ourprice moonwalking in my louis cords...

 What is the best live concert/gig u have ever been to?
Wasn't into played hammersmith an the storys of greymen jumping up an down for loose change put me right off...used to go to raves etc in the early 90s...

Which music makes you want to smash up the room, cos its so fucking shit and annoying?
 The Metropolitans Police band....

What music, artist are u into at the moment?
Thirstin howl. mayhem lauren im a big lo life fan...allso wu tang...

If you could only listen to one album again for the rest of your life, what would it be?
36 chambers wu tang.

U've died and gone to heaven, as your on your way up to the gates....what 3 tunes are playing??
2lls up...lo lifes. wu tang protect your neck. ub40 .. one in ten ..

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