Wednesday, 15 June 2011


 There doesn't seem to be many good names left to write, Ouch is one of the classics from back in the day, how did you come up with the name and where did it all begin?

My brother was a writer in the late 80's so I was interested in graf from about the age of 11, started writing properly in late 92 with two old friends Rail and RKE bombing insides on the northern and bush bombing for hours at burnt oak sometimes doing it until the first train you had hit had gone to Morden and back, basically we were just chilling smoking draw and getting up at the same time. I was putting up Klasic at this time and one night coming back from doing insides on the big met, got onto the northern line and thinking back our inexperience got us both bagged for bombing the drivers carriage silly mistake, pulled into Euston and six btps were waiting. I knew I had to change my tag and to be honest I cant even think why I chose the tag ouch but within a few days of being bagged that was my new tag and I was back out again. i added the number 31 to it in 95 after being interviewed on suspicion of causing criminal damage to 31 depots.

Who were the first writers you met or got schooled by?

The first writers I met other than my friends I grew up with were bosh, idea, mysto, chop, kon, drae, slam and akt started hanging around together in 94 , I would say the person I have been yard most with was idea he was always up for it, many good bombing missions with the others also.

What was your favourite yard to paint?

Has to be Highgate, decent number of trains dont matter if it was raining, highgate wood surrounds one side of it so it can be easily viewed and you could just chill in the woods before and after knowing your out of sight from anyone, some really good Saturday nights spent in there, you would be sitting waiting for the cleaners to go and other writers would just appear, trains got wounded. have to mention wembley park old shed and golders, only lived down the road so golders was the yard I hit the most.

What night sticks out in your mind above all the rest?

There was quite a few really really good nights but bombing the fuck out of Golders, Edgware and high barnet in one night with bosh was up there, the buff just  couldn't cope, also for comedy value me and chop chasing the security guard through highgate yard with them planks of wood that are always lying around, he ran back to his hut actually screaming his head off, so we quickly bombed the fronts and ducked out.

What has been the high point and low point of your painting career?

High point coming out onto the northern and sitting on golders platform  and watching literally every train roll in with either insides bombed, dubs and battered outsides and thinking that were smashing the buff all other the place.
Low point sitting in my cell in feltham for raising two tins of paint from B&Q and thinking is this all worth it, all the early morning raids and court cases.

Which period has been the best for being out there on it?

My best years for being out was between late 93 to 98 but if i had to pick one year it would be 95 as the year i hit most trains. 96 was also a good year in terms of madness, everyday 15 and on some days up to  25 of us used to meet at farringdon and go out and about good times.

 Any last words, shouts?

Foil T.K.......Joak 1.T  RIP

.........And is there gonna be comeback???

Haven't done yard since 2001 and cant see myself risking everything i've got right now, but i'm definitely going to hit a few walls this year, missing it too much.

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