Friday, 26 July 2013

The Friday Mixtape.....SP-1200 Volume 2 by Pipomixes....

Says Pipomixes: Volume 1 was done about 10 years ago with all the usual suspects in terms of SP-1200 (SP-12) production. Since I’ve become more and more of an audio file as of late, I thought I’d dig a little deeper into the SP-1200 catalog since I just love that 12 bit, crunchy sound. Half the fun of the mix was doing the research of production equipment used in the making of different classic joints to confirm SP-1200 usage. I used the old “double source” system of verifying whether the 1200 was actually used on different songs or albums. In other words, if I read/heard two separate interviews where a given producer confirmed using the SP-1200 in some shape or form (whether for the whole beat or just the drums) that song became mix eligible. As with all of my mixes, quite a bit of time and energy went into crafting this labor of love. Hope you all enjoy!

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