Wednesday, 15 February 2012


It was a Monday or Tuesday afternoon back in 1987 and I decided to have a wonder into the yard to see if there had been any pieces painted. I walked into the 2 shed with a folder under one arm and a camera in my hand. I saw 2 blokes standing there and walked straight upto them and said "hi I'm from the local youth adolescent centre, can I take some photos of the surface stock trains"? The blokes said yeah sure no problem and then showed me around the place, they even took me to where stuff got buffed.
I gave my camera to the bloke and asked if he could take a photo of me in front of the trains..I remember him saying "keep your feet this side of the yellow line, you don't want to fall in".

I was with Chane at Parsons on a Sunday at about 3 in the morning, Road number 21. I had been painting for about half an hour and was just testing my black out ready for my outline. All of a sudden this bloke came around the front of the train out of nowhere. He said "Oi, what do you think your doing son". I replied "excuse me"...he then said "What do you think your fuck off". I stood there, stretched out my arm pointing at my piece and said "VOILA" I then started walking towards him.."I'll tell you what mate why don't you fuck off I said as he started to back track shuffling across the tracks, before disappearing. I turned round and Chane was pissing himself with laughter. I said to Chane "come on lets go, the old bill will be called now".
We climbed up into the diary and 20 mins later watched the old bill raid the place as we sat there drinking milk and lemonade on an old sofa...I never got to finish the forbidden children piece in the end.
Katya pulling out of Edgware Road.

Key to the sheds.

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