Monday, 13 February 2012


    I bumped into Spyer a few weeks back and he was laughing about the time he went to do Uxbridge yard with the FLS boys, Tense, Blink, Gash etc. They was wondering around Uxbridge when they bumped into a load of Uxbridge lads. I knew a few of them from football and know at this time in the mid to late 90's they had a reputation for bashing the fuck out of anyone they didn't like or didn't recognise. Like alot of teenagers fuelled with stella, hash and a reputation to protect they decided to kick off with the FLS boys. Up steps one of the Uxbridge boys Dougie Mills....he walks upto Blink and bottles him over the head shouting "I'm Dougie Mills" This is why a few weeks later the FLS boys wrote this on the train!!

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