Sunday, 5 February 2012


It costs a minimum of £24,000 to send someone to prison for a year and only £2,000 to be placed on tag. With prisons at near on capacity it amazes me how last month another 4 writers were sentenced for doing graffiti on walls and trains??
The following 4 stories are all true and taken from local and national just goes to show how fucked up this justice system is in this country. You would have thought the government would have learnt from what happened to Skeam (R.I.P) in 2009.

1. A man from Barrow stabs another man in the face with a screwdriver leaving him with a permanent scar. The man receives a suspended sentence and 100 hours community service??

2. A man who has previous for beating women, racially abuses his wife and then attacks a policewoman when she arrives at the scene, leaving her with a permanent scar on her face. The man walks free and receives a suspended sentence??

3. Drink driver, two and a half times over the legal limit knocks a girl off her bike and drives off leaving her partially blinded in one eye. Once again the man walks free??


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